How To Act Professionally On Film & TV
A 6 Week Course

Taught By Louis Di Bianco

There's an urgent need for strong courses that teach people how to act in front of a camera. No nonsense courses that demonstrarte -- clearly, quickly, powerfully -- the acting techniques that make a scene come alive when a director calls, "Action!"

My 6 week workshop on ACTING FOR THE CAMERA is that kind of course. It gives students a clear awareness of their screen image. It teaches them what works and what doesn't in front of the camera. It clarifies the misunderstood notion of "making it small" for the camera. It gives actors the knowledge and confidence to always perform well at professional auditions.

Week 1: What is my screen image? What qualities do I project to the camera? How do I behave when the camera starts to roll?

Week 2: Action or Reaction? Listening - Thinking - Reacting silently on film.

Week 3: Cold Reading: How to identify the 3 types of scenes. How to be alive for the camera with a script in your hand.

Week 4: Auditions: Making strong choices. Reacting to a "dead" Reader.

Week 5: Scenes: Preparing a scene from current episodic TV shows & feature films.

Week 6: Final Scene Presentation.

Louis Di Bianco has taught in major drama programs at Concordia University, York University, and University of Toronto. He has been teaching for more than thirty years. His wide range of courses include acting, directing, and script analysis.

He has taught classes and workshops to actors in Montreal, Toronto, and Los Angeles. He has privately coached numerous professional actors.

Classes meet on six consecutive Mondays for an intensive four-hour session (7 PM - 11 PM). The cost is $275.00 (including GST).

Admission to the course is by interview. There is only enough room for 8 committed people. Classes tend to fill rapidly. Please don't wait. Contact for your personal interview today!