Wallet At His Back - A one-act play. Christmas Eve. Three men in their early 30ís sell Christmas trees on a rain-drenched lot facing the New York State Thruway. Sales are down. Fortunes are on the line. Friendships are tested. Secrets are revealed. Dreams are shattered as the midnight deadline approaches.

American National - A one-act play. A casting studio in Toronto. Late November during a raging blizzard. Four actors brave the storm to audition for a lucrative American national commercial. They don't know the product. They don't know each other. They're all hungry to score. Will they win or lose in this random encounter?

Brass Ring - A full-length play. The Bronx. A candy store on a street corner in the heart of the urban jungle. Late 1950's. A tale about the powerful love and hate between two brothers. What happens when one sibling tries to manipulate the other's dreams?

Hollywood North - A full-length play. Toronto. The Present. A comedy/drama about a struggling actor who grasps at a bigger piece of the pie. Humor and sadness ensue as his reach for success takes its toll on his integrity and friendship.

The Peasant - A screenplay. Ambition, greed, power, and betrayal fuel this story based on the real life of a charismatic Italian immigrant who built a construction empire in Toronto during the 1940's. His climb to success spawns powerful enemies. Does he triumph, or do they manage to destroy him?

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